Twitter Day: About

So what's all this then?

Twitter Day is an experiment in reading Twitter differently. It presents tweets for a particular day from oldest to newest, in one paragraph. Replies are presented in italics, with the person directed to removed. Replies can be hidden by clicking the Hide Replies link.


My primary inspiration was having to stop following certain people because they tended to overwhelm with volume (*cough*). It seemed a shame, as it wasn't a question of quality – I still wanted to read them. The oldest-to-newest ordering just makes sense to me, as people that post a lot tend to have a flow of thoughts that make sense in that order.

I don't get it.

I get that a lot. It's probably not for you, but maybe just try it out and see?


Twitter Day was built in about 8 hours, using Arc90's PHP Twitter Library, Blueprint CSS and jQuery.

I mean, how does it work?

Oh right. Just put a name of a Twitter user into the box and hit enter. If there's no posts for that day (or that user doesn't exist), you'll just see "...". Try it:

The dates are all weird!

Not if you're living in Greenwich! Twitter stores all dates as GMT, so when I retrieve the posts for a day it's for that time zone. Doing this so it makes sense for PST (or EST, or whatever zone you care about), would mean retrieving a lot more data and doing all sorts of date math, and I mean, really. I'll see if anybody but me cares about this little thing first.

I have a suggestion!

Sure thing. Try emailing me, or send a message to me (icathing) on twitter.